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what are tc's you will write to check that a website should get locked after 15sec of inactivity.

what the tc will be like?

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Most trivial one is to copy browser link and after 15 seconds to try copying it again there. User should not be able to see the system inside after 15 sec without login. Just a simple example.
1.Login in the system and copy the link from the browser when logged in
2. Close the browser
3. Open new window of the browser
4. Paste the copied link
5 Wait 15 sec and try to load the page

Expected result: User should not be able to see the same page without login
I wanted to know what all TC's can I write...not the steps in the tc or how to execute the tc...
how many test cases do you think you will need to run to test just that?
100, 1000 ...

I mean what will be scenario's like..

For eg: Verify that the system gets locked at 15th sec.
Verify that the system is unlocked at 14th sec.

Are these the correct tc for verifying that the func abt the sys gets locked after 15thsec.and we cnt it thn
would we use BVA/ ECP
or any other method for that
only a test case to check this scenario;

1. wait for session time out / website lock out period of 15 mins and try to perform any action.
verfiy that site is locked!
What do you mean by LOCK?? do you mean session time out ???

Generally if application is not responding for certain time, session will be timed out and application becomes inactive.

Can give you test cases only after knowing your requirement.

Consider the following scenarios,

1) System Lock
2) Session time outs
3) Hibernation
4) Unplugging Internet/LAN/VPN connections
5) Power OFF
6) Deleting cookies of the app
7) System idle
8) Tab browsing

the website gets locgged out aftr 15secs of inactivity


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