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Hi dear all
i have following assignment but did not understand the last sentence 'Don´t forget possible external interfaces for your test plan.',

my question is that what are the external interfaces in test plan, please reply if you have 100% confirm answer

"Write down what the most important informations might be and prepare a first draft of a testplan therefore. Don´t forget possible external interfaces for your test plan."

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Before I would answer 100% confirm answer, please tell me first what are internal interface in test plan?

thanks Savita, i have added internal interfaces in the same thread

here my answer abdul .....In Test Planning  - Identify Interfaces With Other Systems 

In this step, you define the interfaces with other systems both internal and external to your
organization. To do this, you will need to identify the transactions that are passed between
systems. For interfaces internal to your organization, the information required for this
identification will likely be easier to obtain than those external to your organization.

Identifying interfaces to be tested..

System: Payroll System

# Interfaces to be Tested                       Other System(s)                  Internal/ External               Priority
1. Hours worked from timekeeping system  Timekeeping                         I                                  High

2.Taxes paid to IRS                                IRS tax reporting                       E                               High

3.Sick days used in year to personnel            Personnel                          I                                  Low



thanks dear 

Thanks to reply Raghunath and Savita

Raghunath you are absolutely right, i agree with you, my opinion and google search have same answers that when your application communicate with other application then this other application consider as external interfaces and when your application communicate internally with other components of your application then this is called internal  interfaces

External interfaces

Application have payment transaction method through Paypal, American express, visa card, Master card, so when we done payment through these different gateways, these are external interfaces

From our application when we share something on facebook, twitter (facebook and twitter sharing is external interfaces)

Internal interfaces

Internal interfaces are like login screen, registration screen for new user

Please correct me if my understanding is not on right path

(Actually confusion create when i asked this question to my friends and he said that external interfaces for test plan is bug tracking tool, automation tool, test management tool and bug reports etc)

Thanks again for your knowledge sharing,


you are on right path :) ur correct ...!!

External interfaces are all those applications, services which your application interacts with and you don't test them as you do your application.


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