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What are current trends in Software Testing in Career point of view. Most of our friends lost their jobs in recession. Now everybody scaring about IT and Software as a career. I think even parent also not allowing to choose as "Software Engineer"

Can we suggest our friends to choose a Software Testing for future career?

Share all your view ...


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It's a scary economy and I'm looking for work myself, so I certainly don't have all the answers. However, I think social media is a trend the world is experiencing now and that having a strong knowledge of social media will allow anyone (regardless of the field) to be more effective and networking, gaining knowledge, and knowledge sharing. I've been actively using social networking in QA/Testing Management for the past couple of months. Though I haven't gotten a job (which may go to your point that there just aren't as many jobs available in this field) I have built up skills and confidence and a network. This will help me do better in the interview and will give me a world-wide network of colleagues when I do get the job. :-)
Hey Yvette,

Your reply is very interesting, Keep on answering all the questions and post good blogs.

Hey Yvette ,

social networking in QA/Testing Management ? i am very eager to know about this

Thanx for the information,,, i just realized this fact though my company is already working on the three such social networking site .. when i enquired abt tat, there are some products for some intrasite(spefic to some univeristies) and some are to the public..

Guys is there some other trends... u feel like making a note here
Sure I would suggest to go for Software Test Engineer


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