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What all WE or Dev NEED to do To lessen the Defect injection to QA releases

Hi Guys,

What all QA & Development NEED to do To lessen the Defect injection to QA release.

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In development, developer should have to cross check their functionality and should have to create the unit test plan for that developed module to minimize the defect,And QA needs to follow all the STLC life cycle to find out the defect and requirement specification to make the application defect free so that application work a/c to customer requirement.




Most of the times, 20 % of the causes lead to 80% of defects (Pareto-Analysis)...so those 20% can be avoided or looked up on..around 80% of issues can be lessned



Being Testers , following are some points which will help in reducing defects .... 

1) Start testing early...

2) Prioritize the requirements ..

3) Focus on Static testing ... ( which reduces fault multiplication )

4) Test Ideal path and Critical path of the system ..

5) Have regular communication with the Customer ..

6) If Possible try to have communication with expected users of the System to be developed ..

7) Go for Formal testing followed by Error guessing ...

8) Identify the risk associated with the system and follow risk based strategy of testing ... 

9) Prepare RTM ... so that it can help you in cross confirmation of test coverage ..

10) Focus on Use case based testing ...  have skilled resource in the team and provide them realistic schedule ..

11) Provide necessary training to all the resources to be involved in testing .....


For developers , It is recommended to :-

1) Focus on LLD properly and Implement the same carefully ...

2) Have a Unit test plan .. and perform Unit testing .. specially after changes ..

3) They must forget their Ego at the door while they enter on the floor ...

4) Establish  good communication within the team.. 

5) Understand the complexity of the system to be developed and follow a corresponding development process .. 



Hope It will help you...


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Yep Agreed and very nicely Explained  :) 



Adding to Samrat,




1) Have co-ordination within and outside the team

2) Have proper planning and stick to it

3) Efficient Project, Resource, Risk, Release, Configuration management

4) Efficient process with suits the business needs



1) Improving coding standards and co-ordination

2) Static Testing in place before Unit Testing

3) Un-statistical development environment( just to pull out pressure)

4) Achievable targets and deadlines

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Good answer. It will help for both beginner and experience.

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Thanks to all who clarified my queries....Really the same i am expecting..thanks.


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