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When a website is given for testing wat all types of testing can be done on that.

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r u talking about static website or web based applications ?

If you are looking for static website then please visit :



Hi, if you are looking for various web app testing methods or techniques, check this article. It might be helpful for you. This article has listed what all the methods are. You can read the article here http://blog.testing-whiz.com/2013/12/different-web-apps-testing.html

Hello buddy,

A very big step for publishing your website on the Internet is to perform web app testing services. You can control your website's performance while under a particular load.

It also performs a simulation of various users connecting to your website to find out the number of simultaneous users your website can accommodate. You might also trace error prone sections of your website that usually causes bottlenecks.

Eliminating these connection bottlenecks permit you to increase the performance of your website.

The testing might also think external factors such as Internet connections, routers, switches, and firewalls customers use. Through website load testing, you can check if the load your website handles is appropriate to these network components.




As per the complexity off the web application (Static html or Dynamic) we can implement following web application testing techniques:

1. Functional Testing

2. Usability Testing

3. Interface Testing

4. Compatibility Testing

5. Performance Testing

6. Security Testing

7. Accessibility testing

8. API testing

9 Automation Testing

Your team should have good expertise on above testing techniques so that web application can be tested thoroughly. You can also go for web application testing services from any other QA company.



Website testing is the process of quality improvement, there are various ways to start the web application testing…

Here, First I would like to list out the top website testing types which can help you to add 5 stars to your testing process

  1. Functional testing
  2. Security Testing
  3. Compatibility Testing
  4. User-experience testing
  5. Automation testing

Here are some top list of website testing practices that you can apply for your page testing

  • Start testing at the earliest stage of development
  • Think like a user perspective
  • Test each new and old feature of the website
  • Try to avoid hackers
  • Use different online platforms
  • Test with different devices

For more details, you can also check here: 10 Best Practices for Web Application Testing

So I hope my tips will helpful to you…


I would like to suggest your below article which you to explore the techniques of web app testing.

Please visit Here:  Learn How to Test Web Applications Manually

To maintain the overall business reputation it is necessary to work on website testing services to improve your brand identity.
Usability Testing
Performance Testing
Functional Testing
Compliance Testing
Compatibility Testing
Web Security Testing
Web Testing Automation

For more details you can visit Here: https://www.testrigtechnologies.com/the-different-website-testing-s...


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