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Hi Folks,

I m going to test our website. So can anybody tell me,

What are things has to be tested in Websites ?
How to start the testing ?
Is there any open source tools are available to test ?
If you have related test cases you can share with me.

Thanx in adv


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The common things that have to be considered are :
2) Login related ( Password/ Forgot password).
3) Navigation related
4) Functionality related
5) Load related ( User load)
6) Security related

Many more....

Start as a end user. How you would use to test the application.
Then divide the same into different components.
Then write the test cases for each of the component.

Use the tool : WATIR(Web application testing in RUby) for automating the Web based application ( Open source)
Thanks VIJAY for your quick reply.
I m going to test our website

What does this mean ??
i want know about what are major/general functionalities has to be tested for a any website ?
Just check following areas:
a. Functionality of the site
b. Check user interface
c. Broken links
d. Most important is “Performance of the site”
Hmmm seems like lots of inputs, navigation, security, functionality and etc etct !!!!! But what about business, now if independent functionalities are working can you certify accordingly.
Customer is planning for some new application which will help him or his own customer to do in better and faster manner. Few questions you can ask yourself mate as you have requirement in hand, kind of testing is not important, effective planning and use of techniques are important. So that a effective time can be executed for better quality.
I will say first thing is the architecture, if you can understand in better manner then you can think of sequence of testing.
Now as you side you want inputs for web testing, but have you given enough details for our friends, without any assumption you will get inputs. Now if you can help me with my questions you can get what you want
1. Website will going to use secure protocols
2. What is the basic architecture, just basic information would do
3. What the DB
4. Is for limited people or anyone can use
5. How many actual and logical business requirements were mentioned, every business have some rules and those needs to follow.
6. When you said web testing did you mean END to END or just GUI?
7. What’s the domain


Please be clear with your question - what does mean your website?

From what I've understood please check this blog: http://www.labnol.org/internet/design/completely-test-website-error...

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