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Which is acceptable page speed for each website as well at which speed level i could tell that web page loading speed is good one ?

i do have a firefox add on "Extended status bar",which gives the details of page speed as per second...

What is My Query is,,

Which is acceptable page speed for each website as well at which speed level i could tell that web page  loading speed is good one.....???

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the answer to such a subjective question is "fast enough"...

by fast enough i mean, fast enough so that your clients do not end up losing interest in accessing your website.

thank for revert dude..s i do agree with u...


But in some cases we do confirm with page speed...so am asking the average speed level per second?




@ Akshay: You tried well but Fast enough is a non-testable requirement. Be specific in time then only you can verify/validate it.


please use this following online tool pingdom tool  it gives perfomance of the page with graphs... and also reasons ..

it gives clear picture i think.

Humm .... Kianson.A , its Client Specific..!

For me no more than 5 Sec is the ideal page load time but for someone else it may be 3 sec or 10 sec etc, Actually Its a part of Non-functional Requirement where Your client gives you the acceptable Speed/load time and against that you go for Performance and Load testing..!

Though It depends on several components/aspects of any intended System but I am not going in those all technical details..

Hope it will give you some idea to think in different direction now..!


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive


@ Samrat, that is why I wrote fast enough so that the targeted audience do not lose interest, may be the ideal page load time for you is dead slow for the client.No body can tell as to what is an ideal page load time, depends upon client and application to application.

No offence intended!!


Thanks for revert QT friends....i am doing good...


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