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Hi Friends,


I would like to know weather Development Team should do Testing or Not?


It would be great helpfull if u provide some reasons for Yes / No.

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After Unit Testing ONLY they shall trigger the build.
Development Team has to do testing if they want to give Quality product.
It depends on team/company since team/company may have/may not have separate testing team.

If they don't have separate testing team then dev team only need to do testing, for the portion/product which they have built or coded and dev team will call the same as 'Unit Testing'...

If they have separate testing team then it will be good enough [since testers will go for unit testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing, functional testing...].eventhough if they have testing team developers should do at least UNIT Testing...
hi Surya ,

Before releasing the initial build to the testing team , developer should go for unit & integration testing

A) Unit testing :
1) execution Testing : during this programmers will combine all the programes in to .Exe form .this can be done using the fallowing approaches

a) Basic Path Coverages : during this process they are going to check whether all the statements in the programes are participating in the test execution are not .

b)loop termination : during this process they are going to check whether loop termination is taking place from one part of the programme to the other part in order to check contiuety of processing .

c)memory Cycles : during this process they are going to check how much space is required in the hard disk

d)Operating testing : during this process they are going to check whether our designed build supports user expected platform or not like all types of OS , BROWSERS ........

e)Mutation Testing : during this process they are going to check the correctness and completeness of the designed application build by interchanging impotent modules .


during this process they are going to check whether Data Transmission and control transmission tasks are implemented properly or not . for this they are going to use the fallowing methods given by

a) top down Approach b)bottom up approach c) Bing bang approach .

Corrections and suggestions are highly appreciated .

Regards ,
Gouri sankar.

Integration Testing :
If you are referring to the final testing before release to client...then definitely NO.


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