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Ways to replicate the issue which is not replicating by developer

How to approach when a developer says an issue is not reproduceable that is posted by you?

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Hi Sirisha,

There are two ways in reproducing the issue.
1) First try to reproduce the same issue in the testing environment.
2)Then try to reporduce the same in Developement environment.

Some scenarios will not be able to reproducable by the testers always. Try to find that particular scenario and execute the same in developement and QA environment as well.
I agree with Babu.

When the developer says "Am unable to reproduce it"
Just capture a video and show him/her.

I have had the same scenario few days back which related to Siteminder Timeout issue, just going to blog about how I shown the issue to my developers.

The best way is to ask the developer to access your machine by "Conference".

Audio, videos, Logs and screenshots aren't helpful when issue is machine specific.
I agree with Abu Bakr Siddiq,

I faced same problem many times, I usually ask developer to access my machine through Team Viewer so that developer can view exact steps I followed to produce the bug and then he can do the necessary to resolved it.
first and fore most thing i feel is to check the build version of the developer and QA analyst.
tester can send his steps to developer along with screen shots and request the same from developer(detailed info).
check for the browser type qa and developer using.
check for the versions because ff3.5 and 3.6 do not behave same for my project.


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