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Wat is the difference between Manual Tester and Functional Tester?

Hi All,

 Wat is the Difference Between Manual Tester and Functional Tester..

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HI Arun

simple this Question is not a valid first,We might do manual or autoamtion , testing can be in any way
so it doesnt

Manual testing that we all knows very well, we do manual testing for finding the defects

Fucntionality testing is to test the Basic functionlity of the applciation
Hi Visa,

Thanks for the Reply.
Heigh level we can say...
Functional comes under Manual.
But if we pin point.... on each type then:Functional part is just to test the functioanilty of the app
in Manual we do Functional + UI + Integration as well.
Hi arun

I feel that interviewer was trying to confuse you.functional testing can be done using manual or automation process.Basically functionality is first tested manually then automated depending upon the repetitiveness of that functionality in the application.
Why shall be there a difference and why shall not?

Function Testing is the sort of testing done against the business prerequisites of utilization. It is a discovery sort of testing. It includes the entire reconciliation framework to assess the framework's consistence with its predetermined prerequisites. In view of the useful detail record this sort of testing is to be done. In genuine testing, analyzers need to check a particular activity or capacity of the code. For useful testing either manual testing can be utilized yet usefulness testing would be less demanding utilizing manual testing as it were. Preceding non Functional testing the Functional testing would be executed first. 

Manual Testing is a kind of Software Testing where Testers physically execute test cases without utilizing any robotization apparatuses. Manual Testing is the most crude of all testing writes and helps discover bugs in the product framework. Any new application must be physically tried before its testing can be computerized. Manual Testing requires more exertion, yet is important to check computerization possibility. 


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