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I have a scenario where UFT installed in one machine and Excel(2013) installed in another machine.

I want to work with Excel related stuff like create, read data and write data , etc. using UFT which is installed in differenr machine as I told you before.

Is it possible to work with Excel ??

Please help me on this??Waiting for good reply .. :)

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You can work though you have excel file in remote machine if you have access from your machine.

But you may find some performance issue due to network latency.

Use Excel COM to make operations (Create, Read, Update & Delete)

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

You can google it and you can get tons of examples.


Yeah I have tried using Excel COM . But it is throwing "activex component can't create object 'excel.application".

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application","remote machine IP")

objExcel.Application.Visible = true 
wait 2

objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs  "D:\qtp.xls"

I wrote above script.

Still facing the same problem as "activeX component can't create object 'excel.application'".

Though you do not have excel installed in your local UFT host still Excel.Application should works.

But may I know that what you are trying to achieve by doing this with respect to functional automation?



I just refreshing my skills on UFT , in the part of it regularly I was selecting one topic and working on it .Now the turn is  to work with UFT - Excel topics , but in my comapany those two (UFT and Excel) were installed in 2 diff machines.

That's fine.

As I said, you can still use Excel COM though MS Excel is not installed in your local.  Please give a try.

Thnx for giving reply Subbu... 

But still I am facing "activex component can't create object 'excel.application".


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