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Want to know what are my best resources to learn software testing?

If you find it hard to find a trusted source to learn software testing, then you just like me.

I'm in software testing for around 10 years and I've learned from many many resources during my testing journey. However, these are resources I trust and recommend for testers regardless your are new, fresher or senior testers.

I share these resources here: Best Online Resources to Learn Software Testing

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Software testing is now an essential part of Software Development, it is the best way to deliver the perfect products or quality for your customers. But as a part of Testrig Technologies, a Mobile Testing Company in the USAWe know exploring new things in the area of Testing is more difficult for software testers.

So, Today I am going to share some of the tops websites that will help you to explore new things in software testing…

Top Resources to Learn Mobile Application Testing

  • uTest
  • Udemy
  • Software Testing Help
  • Sticky Minds
  • Testrig Technologies Blogs
  • Dzone
  • TechTarget
  • Selenium Easy


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