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Is QA comes under verification or validation..?

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Hi Nitin,

Very Good Quetion u have raised..

QA comes under VALIDATION because:-
1. It's a process based activity.
2. QA & Validation helps in prevention of defects with help of STATIC testing.
3. It's a Process based activity.
.4 QA & Validation adheres that "Are we building the right product?"
5. QA & Validation is a planned & systematic activity.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Validation: Are we building the right product?.

Verification: Are we building the product right?.

Validation is to check whether the software meets the customer expectations. Ex. testing the functionality and other requirements given in the requirements document.

Verification is to check whether the software conforms to specification. Verification is done at various phases of software development. The SRS document ( software requirement specification document), design document and the code are reviewed every now and then by developers.

Verification involves testing of software and other artifacts for conformance and consistency with specifications. In addition to testing, there are other verification techniques such as reviews, inspections, walk-through, etc. Validation involves checking that the specification matches customer requirement.

Verification is about checking we are doing the job right; Validation is about checking if we are doing the right job.
Hi Nitin,

Verification is building the System right, that is Testers Involve from the Beginning phase i.e fromm Requirements Phase. Test the requirements and follow the process to check whether the Developing system is as per the Requirements..

Validation is the Building the Right System that is testing the developed system is as per the requirements..

a. Am I building the right product
b. Determining if the system complies with the requirements and performs functions for which it is intended and meets the organization’s goals and user needs. It is traditional and is performed at the end of the project.
c. Am I accessing the right data (in terms of the data required to satisfy the requirement)
d. High level activity
e. Performed after a work product is produced against established criteria ensuring that the product integrates correctly into the environment
f. Determination of correctness of the final software product by a development project with respect to the user needs and requirements

a. Am I building the product right
b. The review of interim work steps and interim deliverables during a project to ensure they are acceptable. To determine if the system is consistent, adheres to standards, uses reliable techniques and prudent practices, and performs the selected functions in the correct manner.
c. Am I accessing the data right (in the right place; in the right way).
d. Low level activity
e. Performed during development on key artifacts, like walkthroughs, reviews and inspections, mentor feedback, training, checklists and standards
f. Demonstration of consistency, completeness, and correctness of the software at each stage and between each stage of the development life cycle.

Thanks alot for your posts..

But i think NITIN is not looking for difference between Verification & Validation.

He wana know if V&V is a part of QA or QC.

Nitin please correct me if i am wrong.
Yes Yatish you are absolutely right..

I want to know whether V&V is a part of QA or QC.

but I want to say Thanks to ALL who clarified the difference between Verification and Validation

Yatish, I m really confused, here in this topic: http://www.qualitytesting.info/forum/topics/2064344:Topic:7892

As per S Sarita and Kamalnath
QA - Nothing but Verification
QC - Nothing but Validation
Yes Nitin,

QA is Verification and QC is validation
Software Verification and Validation (V&V) is the process of ensuring that software being developed or changed will
satisfy functional and other requirements (validation) and each step in the process of building the software yields the
right products (verification). The differences between verification and validation are unimportant except to the
theorist; practitioners use the term V&V to refer to all of the activities that are aimed at making sure the software
will function as required.

V&V is intended to be a systematic and technical evaluation of software and associated products of the development and
maintenance processes. Reviews and tests are done at the end of each phase of the development process to ensure
software requirements are complete and testable and that design, code, documentation, and data satisfy those
Verification means Testing the software correctly implements the specific function in that phase.It performs each and every stage of SDLC.

Validation Means to ensure the software that satisfied customer's requirements
Its a very good and frequently asked questioned , according to me

Validations will be fallowed by the QA Tea Verifications will be done by the entire team (developers and testers)

Validation is the process oriented actvity Verification is the product oriented actavity

QA(Quality Assurence ) comes under Validations because thsese people are responsible for quality of the product .
QA people will b responsible for preaparing a company level document called " TEST STRATAGY "in which they are going to define sevaral parameters like

1) Testing Approach (2) test Factors


Please correct me if i am wrong.

Awating u r reply


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