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Value Labs Manual Testing - Written test Questions May12th 2012 (1 - 3 Years)

1) What is Composite Primary Key.

2) Difference between Table and View

3) Difference between ECP and BVA

4) Difference between Testing Scenario and Test Case

5) Explain V -model

6) High Priority test cases for ATM application

7) Different DDL and DML commands

8) Tell me about QA process in your company.

9) Is functional Testing and System testing Same?

10) Bug live cycle states

11) Tell me 3 different Management Tools

12) difference between Bug,error,defect

13) What are the test deliverable in SDLC, when to deliver what doc?

14) Tell me the concepts present in Test plan.

15) What are the main issues found in Browser Comparability testing.


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and inaddition to the Above.......... what is Table, View in SQL.......

Syntax for Truncate Statement

11th questions is not correct.Actual questions what are the 3 main configuration Management Tools.................?

Yes youre correct Nagaraju regarding 11th Qestions. 

Hello Venkat,

I am fine, yes i attended the walking, 90min time thy have given for 25 Questions.



       they given One and half hour


hi venkat..can u also tell the remaining questions if u remember..please do recollect so that it will be helpful for all

16) bug life cycle

17)which is test case optimization method

1) bva 2) functional testing 3) incremental testing 4) big band

18) difference between the delete and  truncate command

19) integration testing would done after system testing

a) true b) false

20) what is static method

21. functional testing and system testing are both same?

a. true       b.false

I am working with ValueLabs, anybody selected in ValueLabs in this test?

Result not yet announced friend. Just now i spoke with one of your colleague.

plz recollect the remaining questions also..so tht it will b helpful for us..


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