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Hi Everyone,

Hope all are doing well.

I am new to Selenium Tool so Kindly help me how to use "Assertions" in Selenium with some examples.

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If you are using c# webdriver then you can use the Assert() method that comes with visual stdio unit test dll.. Create a test project in vs. You will get Assert() method in it.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the reply. Actually i m using Selenium IDE. I want to insert checkpoints and test. I think in Selenium IDE they use Assertions. Thats why i asked.

plz send more info on this.



i am sorry chitra.. i am not working on ide..

Hi Chitra,

While recording the scripts,select that object> right click > (A popup list will appear)> There u can have an assert command for the same (With other assert commands)>Select the suitable. (This is the easiest way of inserting commands while recording)

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you  have lot of commands on assertions like assertelementpresent, asserttext, asserttextpresent etc. all you need to do is, in the command list box, select the assertcommands and fill the target and value based on the arguments.


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