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User is unable to Subscribe to QT feeds. A Nasty Bug.........


 Hello QT Team...

I have found a defect .. A User is unable to Subscribe to QT feeds.. I hope QT Team would surely fix this issue.. 


 Steps to Replicate :- Home---> QT Gallery ---> QT Feeds---> Click on Latest Activity 


I am uploading a screen shot for better understanding. 



Samrat Jha.

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QT, has to get it fixed. It's a show stopper.

Dear Samrat,


We are unable to replicate this issue from our end. All the QT Feeds are working fine.


Can you recheck again.


-QT Team


QT, I am able to reproduce the issue in Chrome Browser. Works fine in Firefox.



Dear Siddiq,


This is not error, it is showing XML code. Chrome browser is not supporting feeds, directly it is showing XML code.


We will look into this and come up with solution.


-QT Team



Dear QT Team,

        Google Chrome does support RSS Feeds... Even today I have subscribed to a feed from TOI..

As far as Your Reply to Siddiq is concerned :-- Showing XML code is Indeed an error.. 

Being the member of QT Family we feel its our duty to bring such issues into your notice .. Fixing the issue or not is up to you..





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