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Hi can somebody tell that what is the role of software Tester in User Acceptance Testing?

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Set up environment for test, Design UAT plan, Explaining how project works according to the business logic and requirement and also giving appropriate solutions to the queries of customer..

Hi Naveen Thanks for the answer.Its helpful

Here you go:

1. The role which is very close to end-users

2. Perform complete end to end scenario testing also called system testing

3. Perform more exploratory testing (very adhoc so that AUT will be tested in all manners)

4. This role demands huge expectations and definitely SME (subject matter expert) in that business / domain.

I have played above role when I was with Citi, LIC, NY for multiple projects in 2005 & 2006.

Hope this helps.  Next time do not hesitate to send a message to get quick reply.


Hi Thanks very much Subbu.its really helpful

Just to add what has already been stated - You should make sure the user who is testing the product knows exactly what to be testing. Creating a guide for the user in UAT is important.

Hi Greg Thanks very much for the answer

The Role of Software Tester in user Acceptance testing is to test like an end user of an application.. To check whether it meets the  client requirements or fulfill the client requirement or not...

Looks like a lot of people have already given you some really useful information on this, this is worth reading if you haven't already http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_acceptance_testing#User_acceptanc...


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