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[Urgent]How to test font style and text color on a webpage?



How to test font style and text color on a webpage?


I need urgent reply to my question.






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Hi jelissa dsouza try this link,




 lakshmi kanth reddy

Hi Jelissa,


There is an Addon for Mozilla Called "Firebug", Add that to Mozilla and After its done, Mozilla will re-start and you will see a small icon being displayed at the bottom right side.


after which Just Load the Page in Mozilla for which you need to check the font style and text color, Just click the icon displayed, you will see Arrow with square in the left hand side, just click it and click on the text you need to validate the font style and text color, towards right side you will see Style,under which you can find "font style and text color" displayed







Are you looking for an automated process for this, or a manual process?

Please try with 'getAttribute' ....


-S Sarita.

Hi jelissa, 


In my opinion test font style and text color on a webpage is with CSS Font Comparison Tool, i jst know ltle bit only abt dis...




Nice!  I hadnt seen this one before - it looks very useful :)

Depends what you are trying to do, but first stop is to put stylesheet(s) through w3 stylesheet validator, to check that format of css file(s) is OK to start with.  This will highlight any potential cascading stylesheet errors, and how backwards-compatible element properties are. 

Firebug is a great tool, as @riyazul has highlighted, and also performs similar functions.  And you can edit css on-the-fly, to see what effects changes to the stylesheet , have on the webpage.

You can try 'IrfanView' and it's a opensource tool .


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