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<Urgent> Need Interview Questions for Selenium Automation Tool


I need some interview questions for Selenium Automation Tool. Please share me.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi everybody,

I uploaded one file. But It can not display. I used internet explorer 8.0.

How can I repair? Or some problems happened to IE8?

I think that i will post by link: Apart from that, this link below may be useful: Quality interview questions
You should join the official Selenium forum at http://groups.google.com/group/selenium-users to find answer to many of your everyday problems related to Selenium usage. If you are using Ruby for Selenium RC then join the group http://groups.google.com/group/selenium-ruby as well. Joining the Selenium community would encourage you to tackle Selenium issues yourself. You can also post them to the user group to get expert help.

Dear friends

I like Need Interview Questions for Selenium Automation Tool very much.

Very useful for me.

If you have some time, pls visit my blog at:

Apart from that, you also can ref more resources at: Quality management interview questions
I posted a list of Selenium questions on my blog here - http://seleniumsoftwaretesting.blogspot.com/

If you are applying to Selenium job, you don't need ANY interview questions. You just have to learn how to use that tool. If you are interviwing someone, then you should ask some technical person to do the technical interview.


If you just get list of questions which has been asked from someone else, study only the answers given to those, you don't learn anything you need to do the work. Acctually you will most likely fail, because at least I can do many such questions, which are unique and never asked before. I'd ask practical questions about XPaths for example. If you still get the work without acctually knowing the tool, it will be noticed quite soon. Then your career will be doomed and applying to next job will be MUCH harder.


So instead of asking "interview questions", ask rather "how to learn the tool" from yourself and first use Google with keywords "<tool> tutorial" (e.g. "selenium tutorial") and you'll get some good starting point to learn the tool.


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