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May i know the difference b/w unit testing and white box testing and how they conducted in application??? pls help....

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unit testing technique is a part of white box testing.

white box testing is testing the application with knowing internal source code is called White box testing

if your a tester this is enough i feel



Exactly...You can also take some self assessment tests to know how much you know and the answersheet at the end will help your understanding


Actually Unit testing and White Box testing done by developer because white box testing require internal knowledge like programming knowledge.But in Testing Process,Unit testing is also done by tester.

In unit testing,tester test the individual modules of application which are dependent on other modules or not.White Box testing is a type of testing which is done by developer before forward  build to testing department.Developer do the white box testing using many technique such as-

  1. Basic path Coverage
  2. Control Structure Coverage
  3. Programs Technique Coverage
  4. Mutation Coverage

 Hi Rohit,

   Unit testing is done by developers against the Unit specs to ensure that the Unit are working properly .. They are always tested by Developers ... and tested independently ...    Unit testing comes under WB testing ...    where WB testing means testing that "How system works ..??"...    Sandeep is correct ...  a White box tester should have the knowledge of the internal structure of the software ....

How they conducted ..??

Well, Unit is done by Developers .. usually done casually ...

White box testing is done by separate WB tester .


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive


Hi Rohit

Unit testing is part of White box Testing, in WB there is two types like Unit testing & Integration testing.

Unit testing is check the code line by line.

Integration testing is testing the interconnection b/w the dependent module.

if u tester its enough for u.

Thanks guys......... for helping me..... 


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