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Hi all,

Can anyone help me with these frequently asked questions

1.Describe a difficult situation you faced during testing?

2.How do you prioritize the tasks if you are handling multiple projects?

3.Tell me about a situation where you disagreed with your manager/?


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difficult situation during testing is that when u have to test a s/w whose SRS is not available and the developer of this s/w also leave the job and you have to find the defect in this s/w without any SRS and developer.

2)According to me their are 2 or 3 points to keep in mind while prioritzing yur project

a) time

b) severity

c) priority

and the ans of 3rd ques i also dnt knw so if anybody knw this answer plz tell me also..

For both questions 1 & 3 you should answer from your personal experience. Interviewer asks those, because he wants to understand how you react to different things and how solve the conflicts. We all do it differently, so there isn't single correct answer.

Question 2 - sometimes you have to base your prioritizing to your personal judgement, because there might be multiple equal tasks. There is different ways to do it, so answer how you would do it. That what interviewer wants to hear. He doesn't want to hear what someone said at discussion forum.


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