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What is Traceability matrix and its purpose..??

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Hi Divya lal,

               check this link  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traceability_matrix

I dont want to read that whole, I have read it earlier.....Just wanted a simple and short explanation...


by using this we can knw the status of the project at any time

management will knw the individual performaces

using the we can knw the root cause of the bug means where the bug occured and impact of that bug

and came 2 knw we write the all uses cases for a particular requirement by using backedward and  forward tracebility


hi venkat

u told by tracebility martix we can know the rootcause of the bug ,we dont have any details of the bug

in tracebility matrix

 what are the tabs available in tracebilty matrix

rootcause of the bug will be identified by developer i think i was not sure


im wrong pls correct me

Hi venkat

i have a small doubt, may i know how can we know the rootcause of the bug using traceability matrix .As per my knowledge traceabilty matrix is mapping between reqs and testcases

2. who will do the rootcause analysis of the bug, developer i guess

3. what are the tabs in traceability matrix pls explain

if im wrong pls correct me

hi here i am attached some sample RTM's, and RTM document will use in all levels not only in testing

if any test case is failed by using tracebility matrix will find(root cause) weather it is usecase defect or requirement defect by using backward tracebility, we will not any mantaine any special tab for ths in RTM, mapping between requirement and testcaes is only one feature of RTM, there are so many features of RTM i told u only some features, from low level to high level in organization will access this document



Requirements traceability can be defined as the ability to describe and trace the life of a requirement, in both a forward and backward direction.

It always provides insight into where the requirement came from and what overall objective it satisfies. It is a great way to measure completeness and fill in any gaps.

To sum up, they provide:

bidirectional requirement linking to system elements

capture of allocation rationale, accountability, and test/validation

identification of inconsistencies

capabilities to view/trace links

verification of requirements

history of requirements changes.



  • The concept of Traceability Matrix is very important from the Testing perspective. It is document which maps requirements with test cases. By preparing Traceability matrix, we can ensure that we have covered all the required functionalities of the application in our test cases. Some of the features of the traceability matrix:
  •  It is a method for tracing each requirement from its point of origin, through each development phase and work product, to the delivered product
  • Can indicate through identifiers where the requirement is originated, specified, created, tested, and delivered
  • Will indicate for each work product the requirement(s) this work product satisfies
  • Facilitates communications, helping customer relationship management and commitment negotiation
Traceability matrix is the answer of the following basic questions of any Software Project:
  • How is it possible to ensure, for each phase of the lifecycle, that I have correctly accounted for all the customer’s needs?
  • How can I ensure that the final software product will meet the customer’s needs? For example I have a functionality which checks if I put invalid password in the password field the application throws an error message “Invalid password”. Now we can only make sure this requirement is captured in the test case by traceability matrix.
nice explanation  .....




Hi Divya,


To say simple, Requirement Traceability matrix is nothing just used to mapped the designed Test cases to check whether we have fully covered the requirement in the test case or not, mean to whether we have written the testcases for all the requirement which is in the requirement document.





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