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Mobiles have gone passed smartphones and tablets and thus has become the primary method of interaction for consumers and businesses worldwide. With thousands of apps being developed and used on daily basis, here are the top 7 challenges faced during Mobile apps testing. For detailed information, visit:http://www.thinksys.com/blog/top-7-challenges-in-mobile-app-testing/

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The variation in mobile applications in the current market is extensive. Every application requires ensuring its quality, productivity, and its brand building capability.

Testing of mobile applications is very different from the regular desktop application. This is usually because mobile applications require being tested on various software systems and versions.

As the rapidly updating mobile operating systems and the launch of smarter devices add to the challenge of Mobile Application Testing.

Challenges in mobile application testing

Internationalisation: Many apps are intended to be applied in international markets. Testing for translation is only one piece of the whole internationalization testing.

Usability: Mobile device screens are comparatively small and there is always more information we will like to offer than possible to fit the screen.

Power consumption and battery life: The innovation in the battery storage capacity field hasn’t been as soon as in the app damaged.

Different OS versions: iOS users are identified to be upgrading instantly to the latest versions (iOS 8.0 uptake has been around 50% during first two weeks).

Connection types: There are various standards for mobile data connections (edge, UMTS, 3G, 4G) as well as for wifi (b, g, n). Most of the time there may be no connection available at all or the device is in flight mode.

Screen sizes: The Android world is not easy. Various aspect ratios and pixel densities can be overwhelming. With the launch of iPhone 6, Apple brings new screen sizes to the iOS world as well.


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