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This is what I feel << http://adeepakqa.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-1st-one-lets-see-how-it-will-go.html>>


Hello All Testers,

Few days back I joined few forums to share something and learn something, but after going to few queries and including mine, I haven’t seen any challenging questions. For long time I thought it’s better to write blogs then few hours later 1st thing came to mind why should not I join few forums where I can learn and share.

Being a QA person do we feel at the end of day that what we did or what we planned is right, we did the right job or we missed something? After going these entire question I feel that we are discussing basics, correct me if I am wrong. Every second we learn something new or we add something special to our mind and we need to tell others this what I felt today and from there onwards when someone read and comes up with few questions well Deepak is right or no Deepak is wrong, if its right then its good if not then real discussion should start so that I can learn from you and may be by god’s grace you can learn some things from me, bit senti will leave it right now.

Enthusiasm is the best way to express how you feel and in same frequency we I mean I will learn from others. When it comes to IT (Information Technology) I feel that it’s the information which is important to share and how fast you share your information with others to improve yourself or improve others, that’s why we called use TESTERS. Test!!!! You pass that means you know something if you fail you need to learn again and see yourself (My Feeling). I may be right or I may be wrong.

I always feel every day “When you step in be prepare”, to feel myself and prepare myself. Being this is my first blog I will try being practical, now let’s being practical. Before you raise your questions do you did any research on our so called research division GOOGLE, it’s the best place to understand not for conclusion. Now when you have something in your mind it’s your responsibility to judge how you’re going to design or implement things.

Being a QA I feel that we have power to learn and keep on learning without any limits it’s just my feeling, being a developer have your thought how he/she feels, just to learn in limited circle to become more perfect. I know my guru always use to say we need to become “JACK OF ALL, MASTER OF NONE”, and every day I try be same to learn what I need and keep learning. Learn everything that’s what I feel from everywhere to understand and implement those in my day so that at least I feel satisfied for that particular time and again feel unsatisfied to prepare myself to learn more.

With my limitations I try to come over to fight and get results, I mean good results for me and for others if possible. We test and test to see how and what we pass is really good for others or there was a chance to improve to help others for their comfort, it’s my responsibility and it should be a AIM so that others should not feel uncomfortable that’s what I feel real definition of real QA.

Your comments always welcome to improve and prove myself; if possible I may help you.

Best way is to learn and feel that you need to learn more and keep on DOT DOT.....


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