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These are my interview questions which i am not able to give perfect answer .........

Hi all,

These are my interview questions which i am not able to give perfect answer 

what is scenario testing and interface testing ?

What is the standards for web application testing..?

Why you are using V model... what are the advantages  of v model? 

please any one help me regards these questions..

Thanking you in advance....



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For Scenario testing Refer:-


For web application testing  Refer :-


For V-Model:- 


Scenario testing is done to make sure that the end to end functioning of software is working fine, or all the business process flows of the software are working fine. In scenario testing the testers put themselves in the end users shoes and figure out the the real world scenarios or use cases which can be performed on the software by the end user. In scenario testing, testers take assistance from clients, stakeholders and developers to create test scenarios.

Scenario testing helps testers to explore how the software will work in the hands of an end user. Since scenario testing tests the business flow of the software, it helps in finding lot of defects which cannot be found with other types of testing.


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