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 This is in reference of the Answer Posted by QT - Team.


Question : Which of the following is not Described in Unit Test Standard..?


a) Stress testing

b) Syntax testing

c) Equivalence partitioning

d) Modified condition/decision coverage

Answer: "c"


In My Personal View the Correct answer is "a"  Stress Testing . kindly describe that what is the logic behind telling it that the Ans is " c"..  

Your Comment is highly appreciated..!!



Samrat Jha

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its both A & C



           EP applies to All levels of testing..!

EP is black box testing, hence no chance in

Thanks Samrat for noticing this issue. We have updated Poll of the day page accordingly.



 Dear QT Team first of all thanks for the quick Response . 

 But My point is :- EP is applicable to all levels of testing .

For Example :-- A developer writes code to specify the Range for any field that is : 5 to 20. so How can they confirm that the field is indeed accepting values according to Range...??? 

According to You and Siddiq , they would wait for the System tester to Perform Blank Box testing and after getting defect from Testing team they would Fix the Defect...????


It makes me Laugh.. !! kindly give reason in support of your Answer....!




Will verify again and get back to you.



 Thank You.. I would wait ...!


 Dear QT team , I kept on waiting for your Reply but now I am giving You and Siddiq, the Content which tells it clearly that EP is applicable to all levels of testing ....... Hence the Answer is "a" Stress testing..


Note :- kindly refer the attached screen shot .. It is official from ISTQB.

Dear Samrat,

Sorry for the delay!

We are agree with you, the correct answer is "A" i.e. Stress Testing.

Have a nice weekend.

*If you want any clarification, please drop an email contact@qualitytesting.info

-QT Team



Thank You very much QT Team...


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