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Need some help on TFS,what is it and what is the future prospective?

Dear Frnds,

I need some help on TFS,

what is it and what is the future prospective. 

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Hi Diwakar,


  I have a bit of knowldege on TFS by R&D.please find the PPT attached which we have prepared




thanks niranjana


TFS= Team Foundation Server

My Organization is using this for:

-> bug logging

-> Version controlling

it can also gives you bug report, you can compare old and new changes in code etc.

if you have a licence version then you can do performance testing too.

Thanks sunita,

i am totally beginner for TFS but my co is going to use this,

please share if u have some document related TFS thats why i can use easily.

Hi Diwakar, 

I will share with you once i get.

But i recommend you to see this link: http://channel9.msdn.com/

here you can get valuable videos of TFS, it is a Microsoft site.

you Google "best practice of TFS" and if it gives Channel 9 site videos then go for it ...this site is just awesome.   

thanks sunita,

but i dont get good information through this site abt TFS

What is this Niranaja?

Oops...I have given the links with out editing it

Let me explain briefly about this

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is Microsoft Product. TFS is not just a Source Control Software it is more than that which has features like:

 Data Collection.. Reporting.. Project Tracking.... CMM Level or Agile Software Development Templates ..Application Design... Infrastructure and Deployment Modeling.. Deployment Designer... Static Analysis Code Metrics.. Profiling... Load Testing... Manual Testing... Web Testing... Code Coverage.. Database Deployment ..Database Change Management... Database Testing.. Database Test Data Generation.... Visual Studio Professional (Development)... MSDN Premium... Team Version Control Team Work Item Tracking Team... Build Team Reports (SSRS).. Team Portal (SharePoint Site)


Other Points: 1.        When we create a Project in TFS it automatically creates a Team Site for that project in a SharePoint Server. 2.        There are templates in TFS for CMM Level 5 software development process and Agile development too. 3.        TFS can validate and test the project right from the scratch. With TFS we can test our Projects from Architecture design which is created from ground up! 4.        TFS can validate our projects with the Modules we create. 5.        Using the SharePoint Team Site, we can set email alerts for all the code changes which is not in VSS 6.0 6.        Using the SharePoint Team Site we can get the entire benefits of a SharePoint Server. 7.        With a single TFS an entire Account/Project can be configured. For Ex: all the projects of Nielsen can configured in TFS. 8.        Each Developer can run his own build in a set time and can get email alerts from any failures. 9.        Reports can be generated from various views 10.        TFS gives reports on a team performance on a project based on the bugs and ticket closures. 11.        If a Developers code is error free, it can automatically merge with TFS Source and do a auto build. 12.        Infosys has about 100 projects configured in single TFS. 13.        Wipro recently started migrating their projects to TFS. 14.        TFS can replace CCM.Net for Ticket Management & JIRA.

Thank you very much niranjana


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