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How to test the web services ?

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Hi Selvaprabu,

First understand the Web Services Architecture to perform Testing on web services, for that follow the below url,


To do the Testing on Web Service we have different procedure that is mentioned under Web Service Test Forum (WSTF)..
To understand that follow the below url,


Hello buddy,

There has been an extreme increase in the number of corporate web applications over the past few months, due to its many advantages like ease of access, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to access resources from any part of the world.

The emergence of Web 2.0 that promotes interactive information sharing has completely revolutionized the internet and today it is used by most of the companies to promote their products and services.

HTML and CSS Validation Testing

The code that makes your website work should be written using formal grammar. It may function without understanding, so-called, valid code standards but it will be used by search engines and other automated systems as second class at best.

Automated Accessibility Testing

It makes use of specific software to examine your site's code to see if certain parts to help handicapped people use the web are present. It is very effective at finding flaws and omissions at this level.

But, the main cause of worry for them is the safety of their web apps. Today, web apps remain the largest vector of enterprise security attacks. Hackers are constantly using new vulnerabilities through a range of new approaches and methods to infuse malicious Trojans through websites.


Web application testing services

Hi Alisha,

I have posted this query very long back, Thanks much on replying to this.

- Selva

Hi Selvaprabu,

Web Services testing depend upon few of the following things:

1. Type of Webservice REST or SOAP
2. API Client, Open source tool or Paid one
3. Manual or Automation

Type of Webservice REST or SOAP: Check with your client/team what type of API they have to test it REST or SOAP accordingly you can create test plan for your testing requirements.

API Client: You use open Source API client like Postman which will help to so functional testing on you REST APIs. For REST and SOAP apis you can use free version of SOAP UI. If you have founds then you can go for SoapUI PRO which will also enable you to do automation.

3. Manual or Automation:If you are not having any programming skills then you can purchase tool SOAPUi PRO which will empower you to do automation easy and if you are good in coading then you can go for automation tools like REST Assured or Krate. Its always best approach to consult with automation testing company who have solid experience in automation.


Hi Anand,

I have posted this query very long back, Thanks much on replying to this.

- Selva


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