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Hi all,

i am new in web application testing, can anybody tell me what is web services, how the web services are used, and how to test the web services through automation.



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this is my view on WS. 

Web Service is a method of communication between 2 devices across network using SAOP(XML based, communication protocol that lets app exchange info over HTTP) protocol

They are APIs that will allow the business logic of a particular app to be exposed over the web. They are platform independent , can be used by developers to without worrying about the programming language used.

For e.g., Twitter has many services exposed on the web. I can use that api & develop an application that will allow help users post tweet from their mobile. I can develop that app used the programming language that I am comfortable with. I does not matter in which platform or language twitter is developed with.


Not sure about how you would test it via automation.




thanks tahir... it is very useful for me... your twitter example is gud sililarly i m using facebook

that's Wikipedias view on WS. :)

I do Webservice tests a lot & the two testingtools I use are:
(+) TOSCA Testsuite (http://tosca-testsuite.com/en/home/)
(+) Soap UI (http://www.soapui.org/)

How about the test?
The "how to test" always depends on the "what you want to test".

Functionality, Userbility, ResponseTime, Performance, correctness of the webservice, different components that interact with the webservice, SOAP 1.2,...?

The easiest way to test a specific function of your webservice would be:
create a request file (which contains all the necessary testdata) send it to the webservice & verify the response you received.

If you have further questions, or some more detailed ones, just post here or send me a PM.




Am working on SOAP based web service.I am using SoapUI automation tool for testing my web service request and response call. If you have any query specific to web service ping me.

Hi Balaji,


What is SOAP based web service????

Hello buddy,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and yeah even I have an article to share it's about "Noteworthy Benefits Of Web Testing Services" and here is the link 




Web Services provide medium of communication between two applications / machines .

In today's world  if you want to build a software application then you don't need to build each and everything from scratch. You can simply use the webservices available and plugin that feature in your application.

Like if you want to have payment gateway on your application then you don;t need to develop your own. You can just use any payment gateway API and can achieve that.

Here are the two popular implementations approaches of APIs.

  1. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  2. REST (Representational State Transfer architecture)

For api testing you can use any open source tool like Post Man.

For automation you can go for REST Assured automation framework it easy and very effective to implement,



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