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What should be Testing Strategy for Mobile Application Testing????

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Anurag your working on mobile testing or planning to start on mobile testing or you just need information.

Now as you asked your question very plainly, do think the answer will will be simple or with few bullets points.

There are lots of things needs to understand before you start with your test stategy.

Dynamic Composition of mobile
Wireless Connectors
Mobile distributed system and configurations
Memory handling
Ad-on softwares

and list will keep on going. If I ask you whats your stategy for web based application what you will wirte, unless untill I mention whats my scope and what kind of enviorment I am using.

So when you rasie your question try to add more meat to it.


Deepak Just elaborate your Answer .. for the person who is start working in iphone but didn't have testing methodology idea of Iphone, Andriod and Blackberry.

What are the checkpoints while testing Iphone, Andriod and Blackberry

What are the tactics used while testing Iphone, Andriod and Blackberry

What are the strategy for testing Iphone, Andriod and Blackberry

Waiting for your reply and guidence. and please share me he links or any king of article or study material that you are suggested for me . thanks in advanced 

Hello buddy,

Mobile application developers are showing their concern over the security of applications. As new intimidations are making the developing process difficult, they are adopting updated strategies to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Usually, mobile app development is based on the 2 platforms - iOS and Android. The developers performing job duties for various operating systems are well aware of threats and risks.

Connectivity Options: Almost all applications rely on network connectivity to give beneficial functionality. In test circumstances, Wi-Fi networks can be simple to set up and can be cost-effective.

Selecting Target Devices: Target devices for testing a mobile application must balance the have to use an emblematic sample of the required device population with the requirement to optimize duration and cost of testing.


Automated Mobile App Testing Services

As per best practice from software testing services

Platform(OS) Testing:
It’s important to plan that your app will support which OS(iOS and Android). Also, on which os versions your will work.

Multiple Devices testing:
When you know which OS version will be supported for you app after that it’s import to check on which devices you have to test your app either on simulators or Real devices.

Network Connectivity Testing:
You need to make sure your app is working on every type of network connection like on Wifi, Mobile Data. Also, make sure about your app should works in all type of network speed.

Security Testing:
It’s very important to plan security testing on early stage. Make sure there is no data leakage and there is no security exploits.

Battery Testing:
Run lots of battery tests feature to check which part of app drains battery. Make sure your app not drain mobile battery very quickly.

Rollout Strategies:
Prepare roll out strategies like whenever new version is available for an app then how it will roll out either based upon the version or based upon the regions.


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