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Hi Frnds,

As My concern  is startup company,we are planning to do outsourcing business in testing...in the sense we are providing testing services..as we are into web development,Hosting,SEO,Web designing, Started Testing also..for that i need the guidelines to initiate...

What are the challenges to be faced as this is started?
What are the things to be done first ?
How to get the first business ?
How to find investors/partners ?
How to partner with already existing testing companies?

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Hello Seetha,

In software development testing is a most important stage. If you give good quality project testing is must, basically quality is concern with four points.

1 business logic

2 Performance

3 Security

4 User Interface  

For achieve success these 4 things you have to know different methodologies.   

like functionality testing

performance testing

regression testing

security testing

gui testing


these are the basic things which that you have to take care.

Good luck.. 

Hi Vismay,

Thanks for the information u replied... :)

Hello buddy,

Nowadays, customers access the same software application on modifying devices, platforms, and browsers. Your software application must function perfectly and give richer user experience over various user environments to become effective.

You require performing elaborate software QA testing to assess the quality and user experience of the software correctly.

To assess the quality of the software accurately, you have to perform many types of software testing – functional testing, performance testing, integration testing, usability testing, acceptance testing, and beta testing. Also, you have to repeat the tests across different devices, platforms, browsers, and networks to create more reliable test results.

Therefore, you have to spend time, effort, and money to implement a complete software testing strategy. If software development is not your core business, you will find it tough to test a software application elaborately within a specified amount of time.

Additionally, you will find it tough to get the software evaluated by skilled QA testing experts. Like other enterprises, you can consider outsourcing software QA testing to overcome limitations related to skills, resources, and time.

At the same time, QA outsourcing will help you to evaluate the quality of the software while focusing on your core business processes.


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