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Hi Friends,

Those having experience in testing .net applications, please do share them.

Thanks & Regards,


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@ Krishnaveni,

What kind of application u r testing? Desktop application or Web application ?
Hi Shakthi, its basically a web based application ...that populates data on the XML using the SQL Server database.. I have not tested a .net application before... so wanted inputs from people who have tested .net applications.
@ Krishnaveni,

What is ur objective of testing .net application ? performance testing or functional testing ?
its functional
@ Krishnaveni,

1) Check data are fetching from XML and SQL server correctly or not
2) Check All scenarios for Back end to Front end Eg: Give Valid input, invalid input.
3) Is should satisfies the Requirements. I hope this information are useful for you!
Thanks a lot Shakthi...this was what I was looking for....also can u pls eloborate on how to check data fetching from XML and SQL server correctly? and also pls give more info with respect to the 2 point you have mentioed.


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