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How to create Testing Metrics for daily and monthly data ?

Hi Testers,

I Have planned to create a Test metrics for my Project .Im testing a website.Mostly the Tasks are given by Tickets .So i need to create a test metrics for daily and monthly data.please suggest .

Thanks in Advance

Mohan Raj

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1. Tracking process.
2. The number of test cases planned to be executed per day.
3. The actual test execution per day will be captured by the test manager at the end of the day.
4. Effective calculation, management and interpretation of the defined metrics i.e. The actual test cases executed per day.
5. identify the areas of improvement depending on the interpretation of defined metrics means the test case execution falls below the goal set, we need to investigate the reason and suggest the improvement measures.

Thanks for your reply swati .I need more information.regarding this metrics

Hi Mohan,

While offering the software testing services to any client you can setup and share folloiwng qa matrics:


If you get weekly plan in advance then in Daily basis you can mention

High Level (Use Xls or graph)

1. Total Tickets in Sprint ||Tickets tested till Today||Tickets tested Today||Pending tickets

To further Drill down on today's matrix you can use

Ticket tested today

Ticket ID||Ticket Status||Test case executed for this ticket||Pass||Fail||Defects

for Monthly:

1. Total tickets this month || Tested || Pending

2 Test case created||Project or ticket ID

3. Defect regressed Verified||Reopened||Closed||Invalid/CNA||Duplicate

4. Defects reported P0|P1|P2

Let me know if a can help with any other details.



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