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Testing dynamic values (values from drop down) in selenium

While performing selenium testing, i came accross a problem with dynamic values.
When i try to test drop down, an error occurs and testing cannot be carried further.Plz guide me to th'h this ...

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Please elaborate kind of error you are getting.



please specify the error.
You have to use xpath to find the element if the ID is dynamicc
Selenium.Selenium Exception: Error- not found is the error i get when i select the drop down.
May be the element ID is dynamic..so u r getting that error..pls send code of the page and scrrnshot of the page
yes. the ID is dynamic.... that's the reason for d error
please send the code or URL of the site

Let's start with a small table with a Select list inside of it.


<table id="testRuns" border="0"  valign="top" align="left" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 class="TABLE_section_bar2">
<tr valign="top">
<td valign="top" class="TD_tool_bar1"><b>Show testcases by testrun: </b></td>
<td valign="top" class="TD_tool_bar1">
<select id="some_dynamic_value"  multiple  size=2  class="select_small">
<option value="0" selected>---<br>
<option value="1505_2557">R10.4_Preprod<br>
<option value="1505_2785">R10.5_Preprod<br>
<option value="1505_3272">R10.6_Preprod<br>
<option value="1505_3340">R11.1_PreProd<br>
<option value="1505_3506">R11.2_Preprod

What you want to do to gain access to the select list is move backwards in the DOM until you have a clear and consistent path to the select list. In the case above, as long as my TABLE always has an ID of "testRuns" and my select list is always inside a TD tag, and there is only one TD with a select list in that table, we could do this...


String[] options = selenium.getSelectOptions("//table[@id='testRuns']//tr//td[@class='TD_tool_bar1']//select");


There is a possibility that your select list has a class or some additional attribute that will help in locating it. In the example above I could add the class to the select to make it more specific...//select[@class='select_small']


If you want the ID of the select list, you can ask for it like this...

String selectID = selenium.getAttribute("//table[@id='testRuns']//tr//td[@class='TD_tool_bar1']//select[@class='select_small']@id");


Then, getting the values is as easy as ...

String[] options = selenium.getSelectOptions("//select[@id='" + selectID + "']");



String[] options = selenium.getSelectOptions("//select[@id='" + selenium.getAttribute("//table[@id='testRuns']//tr//td[@class='TD_tool_bar1']//select[]@id") + "']");

thanx a ton Jan!!!


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