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QT Team has contributed TESTING CROSSWORD in July Edition of Tea-time with Testers Magazine.

Crossword Questions:


1. Software is modified for any reason testing needs to be done to ensure that it works

as specified and that it has not negatively impacted any functionality that it offered

previously (10)

6. Method used for creation of ___________object in QTP (6)

8. He is the author (first name) of QuickTest Professional Unplugged (5)

9. This is one of the recovery scenario (second word) is QTP and useful in handling

crashed applications at runtime (5)

11. AND, OR & NOT are know as ____ operators (7)

14. Accessibility Check point is used to check the ___ standards on web pages in web

application (3)

15. Accunetix is the most popular_________testing tool (8)

16. It is a scripting language to use in Winrunner (3)

18. Testing done on code (8)

21. How To Run QTP Scripts at Scheduled Time? The third word of this sentence (3)

22. The wait statement in Silk Test Tool (5)

23. It is an online test case management (TCM) and test-tracking system built with PHP

and a SQL backend tool (short form) (3)

2. Deviation from software requirements to design(5)

3. It is a tool (short name) to allow Java programmers to write re-usable tests for web

applications that, unlike HttpUnit, drive the actual web browser on the actual platform

they intended to support (3)

4. Logical extension of unit testing (11)

5. A piece of code that simulates the activity of missing components (4)

7. It is an quick and easy command line automation tool, in short form (3)

9. It is a methodology (short form) used to develop and refine an organization's

software development process (3)

10. Every project/product involves this life cycle (4)

12. Opposite of Global Variable in QTP (5)

13. Defect Found by Internal Team/Total no of defects found) * 100 is called, in short

form (3)

14. It is a opensource web automation testing tool which uses Watir as the library to

drive web pages (3)

17. An automation tool (first name) for testing the functionality of enterprise

applications in any environment, it is invented by Segue Software and acquired by Borland in 2006 (4)

18. Service built for a Web Application is called, in short name (3)

19. Oracle, SAP ___ tools (3)

20. An error in a program or a malfunction in a program's code (3)


This CROSSWORD Answers and Winner names will be published in next edition of Tea-time with Testers Magazine i.e. August Edition

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Note: This CROSSWORD has been published in Tea-time with Testers Magazine (July Edition).


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7:Binary operators

Hi Neha,


   7: correct answer is Logical




ok thank you :)

1: Regression

10: SDLC

16: TSL (Test Script Language)

19: SQL

5: Stub

1) Regression

2) Error

8) Lalwani


11) Logical

12) Local


14) WET(Vertical)

14) w3c(horizontal)

15) Security



22) Sleep


There is no 3 in the image.



 hey guys why are you writing your answers over here....? a person who comes after you can easily copy you...

Dear QTies,


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This CROSSWORD Answers and Winner names will be published in next edition of Tea-time with Testers Magazine i.e. August Edition


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-QT Team


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