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Hi All

This is to let you know that we have planned to host a Software Testing Conference in Chennai on Jan 29 2011bug-de-bug.com the website for the conference is LIVE with information about the conference. We have opened the registration process and EARLY BIRD registration is going on with 40% discount for each participants that is around Rs.300 / Participant this is valid till 12th January 2011.
So what do you get for 300rs?
1. You get to network with many testers in Chennai coming across India.
2. You get to meet renowned testers who have been in the testing field for more than 10-15 years.
3. You get to know about many open source tools used for automation and tools that would make testing life easier.
4. Apart from speakers presenting their papers there will be hands on testing activity with these renowned testing experts to get many tips and tricks on fast of testing.
5. Lots of prizes from bug-de-bug as there will be many activities.
6. Testing competition will also happen and prizes will be distributed.
7. Finally tea / snacks / Lunch and many free gifts like t-shirt / bag files will be give for each participants.
8. An of course Certificates for winners and participants.
10. As this is happening before your yearly review meeting for your appraisal. Participating in this event would be the biggest advantage of all. 
Do not miss this opportunity and do pass in this information to all your friends who are in TESTING and who wants to get into testing.
Let me know if you have any clarifications.

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Hi Bharath,


Can you let me know the venue details as soon as possible...




we havent decided on this Vikas.. we will update in the website by this week. Do register we will update you on this soon.



will u conduct  on weekends

This is on a weekend only SATURDAY 29th Jan 2011


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