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if one need to test a cell phone?I'm talking about a cell phone not a cell phone application. What testing strategies and methodologies one should use? and how the testing will be done.

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since you want to test the cell phone not the application, which means it relates to testing of hardware components of a cell phone.

As it deals with hardware testing there is no long such methodologies which we used for working with application. A small or simple plan is enough to proceed with.

Testing cell phone (not application) has the following things has to be check with

1) checking battery
2) checking display ( display quality and in case of touch screen check the sensitivity)
3) checking functionality of buttons (includes buttons like power button etc)
4) checking enhancements ( charges, headset, data cable)
5) checking quality of the components ( which includes panel etc)

these are the basic things but i might have missed many...


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