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Hi all,

Currently i am testing with a web application - in which how i will test

Globalization,Internationalization and Localization testing to the field "Currency."

In detail - if we login the application from India the Currency will displayed in Rs, if we login from other countries the currency should change accordingly the local place.

Is there any tool for checking it

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how we can apply it for the currency field ?
currency should change according to the country selected.how it made possible for user login from uk should view currency field in Ponds.
I am working on a web application which is having internationalization in several countries and localisation in 17 languages since 1.5 years and I don't think that there will be any tool. The requirements will vary from app to app but what I follow in testing this I am writing below:

- Our application provides facility to change country, language and currency via dropdowns at any time. So I add an order into the system by selecting 'India', 'English', 'INR'. And then I change the country to USA and then try to locate that order and it should not be there since this is an internationlized system so every thing should be different for each country. Same way I am checking with Adding any product or user in the system and cross check the same in different country.

- Then other test is like I add a product under 'India' with Price as 'Rs. 50' and then check that by changing the currency to USD and system should convert the price of that product to appropriate value for USD.

- I also do one more test like I add a user in some different language say Chinese and then try to login with that user in English and type down the user name and password in Chinese, system should allow me to login since I am not changing the country and I am only changing the language.

Basically the entities would be divided on the basis of Country in an internationalized application. There are more tests that need to be done but they will be application specific. Let me know if you have any other queries in this reqards. You can send me an email with queries to patel.himanshu.r@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Himanshu Patel
Quality Analyst
thank you ,

i wl contact u thru' gmail
Hello Lakshmy,

Please go through this link: http://anonymizer.nntime.com/... I think it allows you to change the country from which you are accessing any application. Please also let me know what you find for this link.. was it useful for you or not? So that I can continue my research on this further..

Himanshu Patel
Hi Lakshmy,

Also refer this,


Somanathan R.
Hi, Your comment is right, In which location & company are U working ? I am also working on web application , which process U following I mean How U test web application ? Have U applied Security Testing ? I any Test plan , Test case or any other document pl share with me.
Hitesh Shah
Globalization,Internationalization and Localization testing to the field "Currency."?

User belongs to India, If he visit USA and he open his account and he trys to pay, What will happend?
What will be his payment Mode?
In currency or Rs

Can u pls sent me the answer for the above query ?
When login from UK it should be in Pond but right now system displays currency n INR- Rs/-

My Suggestion is User Should have rights to select the currency where ever he logs?(ie Rs or Dollers etc),
Hi Arun,

In our application we are providing facility to the user to select his country, currency and language. But Lakshmy's application does not have any such thing so system will automatically track the country of visitor and based on that it will display the currency. Both the ways are correct I think.

Hi Himanshu,

I feel in Lakshmy's application is not user friendly (Even Buggy), User will not have account where ever he travel. So how can he order? Its a Major draw back.

Even system track the country, It should give Option to select the currency.

Another Problem is User Login rights,



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