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How many positive and negative testcases can we write for a+b/c( A plus B divided by C).
can anyone post these.

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What are a,b and c ?

coming to test cases,

+ and / can be validated if and only if a,b,c are known!, what are the values these variables going to accept.

a +b = true,
a+b/c = true,
a + b = false
a / c = false
b /c = false
a / b = false
b / a = false
c / a + b = false

a b and c are integers
I agree with Siddiq's answer. Thanks
These depends on many things, what are the business logic?
1. Value of A, B & c can be anything?
2. We need to verify the c can not be equal to 0.
3. If C=0; then there should be an exception.
4. Can we applied Equivalence class partition or Boundary value analysis on its value.


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