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Hi friends,
I am little bit confused with some manual testing terms like Test Suits and Test Scenario. So, can you explain these two terms with example. Thanks in advance.

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Jitendra Jangid

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Test Scenario:- A test scenario is almost like a story like example "a user enters into the application from login window by entering valid user name and password. After entering he will click on module Payslip and clicks on latest payslip feature to view his latest payslip". Any test scenario will contain a specific goal.

Test Suite:- A collection of tests used to validate the behavior of a product. The scope of a Test Suite varies from organization to organization. There may be several Test Suites for a particular product for example. In most cases however a Test Suite is a high level concept grouping together hundreds or thousands of tests related by what they are intended to test.
can you elaborate more on the test suits along with example

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Anil Ojha
Test Suite is a collection of test cases
Hitesh Shah
thank's dude
Test suite: as per ISTQB -a set of several test cases for a component or system under test, where the post condition of one test is often used as the precondition of the next one.

Post condition: environmental and state conditions that must be fulfilled after the execution of a test or test procedure.

Pre condition:environmental and state conditions that must be fulfilled before the component or system can be executed with a perticular test or test procedure
Thanks Neeraja
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