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Consider your self as a  tester, and after a vigorous round of testing you have identified 50 critical bugs.


Now your manager runs up to you and tells you that he have exactly one minute for you and he needs a update of the project, with which he has to communicate the test status to the stake holders.


how will you make your manager understand the criticality & how you will communicate the information about the quality of the product which u have collected.


Awaiting for the intresting and creative answer's!!!!



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If tester is saying that build or product is not having good quality (with proof) then no one will go ahead to deliver that.....

Can go as a known issue if stake holder/higher management is ready. I have released product with known blocking issues even without work around, fixed was provided later(after the release) though.
Well, Tester job is over if business people wanted to deliver the product even with known issues. In that case no one can blame tester about the quality of product.

Bu doubt, stake holder & clients are on the top of everything and they can deliver the product even in half development....

Kapil Samadhiya
@ Kapil,

When we are talking about Delivery what's the deal with execution status???

RTM is not just a coverage thought, it's much beyond. Why can't the RTM serve the job of a Defect report as well?? Ideal RTM should and must mention the defects against requriements, their severity and priority, products associated.

This RTM will ONLY help us during crunch situation like above. Defect Report doesn't provide requirements association, without this How can one ship the product???

@ Raghav,
Tester will only give the stamp for shipping, he isn't the decision maker unfortunately.

Exactly, Tester's can give information about the quality to the decision makers and they are not a decision makers by them selfs.
Yes, execution status is everything when we talk about the delivering the product, but here in Ragav's question it was completely on the identified 50 bugs and nothing to do with execution status, hence I focused on bug only and not on execution status.

I hope you know that even if we find high Sev. & High Prio. bugs within the even few hrs of testing, we can stop execution and can refuse the product for testing.

Now, @ RTM: I am not at all agree with you that RTM document contains all the test execution status with defects mentioned in it.

Yes, if you want you can enhance the concept of RTM by adding all these stuff, but ideally RTM is just a test coverage document which is used to keep the coverage status of our requirement.

Kapil Samadhiya


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