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Now here is the context


Consider your self as a  tester, and after a vigorous round of testing you have identified 50 critical bugs.


Now your manager runs up to you and tells you that he have exactly one minute for you and he needs a update of the project, with which he has to communicate the test status to the stake holders.


how will you make your manager understand the criticality & how you will communicate the information about the quality of the product which u have collected.


Awaiting for the intresting and creative answer's!!!!



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Hi Ragav,

Though this is an unusual condition, still we can discuss this as it could happen once in a while.

Well, according to me the best way is: prepare an excel sheet with just bug id/name but with most appropriate Severity & Priority because Sev. & Pri. are the most important component of any bug and based on this we can decide the time of fixing.

Number of defects never matters in delivering the application where as even a single bug of highest Sev. & Pri. can stop delivery of the application/software.

Your bug reporting excel sheet will be having number of defects with their severity & priority, if your manager is smart enough then you don't need to explain anything, he can easily understand the status or the quality of the product based on your bug report.

Let me know if anyone is not agree with me and have some other facts on this.

Kapil Samadhiya
Just to get the view of the counter parts i have asked a scenario like this... just to see how clever and smart enough we are :)
Urs is the ideal solution
Any other intresting anwers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would provide him(manager) the RTM, let him make the decision!!!

Defect report would only speak about Defects not Test Cases or more importantly Requirements!!!

My Idea is delivery is prioritized based on Requirements not defects.
Quite intresting last line.

What is RTM??
@ Ragav.... Tester should not start testing without preparing RTM for test coverage. Every tester should aware of this.

@Abu.... I don't think RTM will help at all to Manager in knowing the status... because ideally RTM never contains any status of execution. Its just a test coverage document.
Here which test cases are passing or failing status is not important because 50-bugs will must be having information of the functionalities which are breaking..... Manager just need to know out of those 50 bugs, how many are having highest severity & priority,....

Beast way is to create the bug report and let Manager decide....

Kapil Samadhiya
I am not aware of RTM, it that by any chance the short form for requirement traceability matrix!!!!!
Yes, it is Req. Traceability Matrices and this is prepared to make sure that our Test Coverage is 100% and each one of the requirement is covered with test case, so that it will be tested.

Kapil Samadhiya
Best way is to create the bug report and let me decide....

@ Kapil,

Let me decide -
U mean the tester will decide??????
Sorry, that was Manager, not Me :P

Ok, so I mean Manager should decide by looking at Bug Report....

Kapil Samadhiya
Yes, when it comes to tell the quality of the product, tester is the person who need to tell the quality of the product. Also testers are people who are giving the go ahead to deliver the product.

If tester is saying that build or product is not having good quality (with proof) then no one will go ahead to deliver that.....

Kapil Samadhiya


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