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Test plan and test strategy both are same or different ?

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 No in general they are two different testing artifacts ...

 I am not going to write anything because the Topic has already been discussed several times :-

Check it out at below url.  and make sure from next time onwards   you search for a question first and if the same has not been discussed already then only You should start your own discussion ..





Samrat Jha



You visit the below link for Test Planning Interview questions and Answers:


Hi Eniyan

Test Plan and Test Strategy is Different ,but some similarity,
Before Start the testing ,The Test Manager start the Test Strategy and based on test Test Stragergy ,Test plan Will prepared
Test Strategy : Contains ,Types of testing and Level of testing We need to conduct,Roles ,Deliverable ,it master document for testing .
Test Plan :
Types of Testing planned (Black box ,integration,system,Browser Compatibility)
Roles and Responsibility
Test Case innate date,Number of test cases expected,Assumption,Mitigation, risk
Test Deliverable reports (Test case,Terraciblity Matrix,Functional Test report,Metric Report)
Automation Tool Details
Automation Testing start date/end date
Number of Test Cycles ,Separate testing date for ex (Regression,performance.. etc)
UAT Delivery date ,Mile stone
Number of test cycles

Test Plan:

It describes the approach, Features to be tested, Testers assigned, and whatever you plan for your project. A Test Plan is usually prepared by Manager or TL.It depends on what the test plan is needed for. Some companies have defined a test plan as being what most would consider a test case. Meaning that it is for one part of the functionality validation.

Test strategy:

It describes how you are going to address testing for the project. Some companies have a strategy or approach section in the test plan, others have a separate document.



Test strategy is prepared by test manger as a detail document.

test plan is a high level document prepared by test manager which consists time required,effort,schedule,mile stones,types of testing.

   Test strategy is the i/p deliverable for test plan.


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