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Hi All,

I'm working on a project of educational domain and I had been given responsible for writing the Test plan. I don't have an idea of writing the testing plan as its been written usually by Team lead. 

It will be very helpful if anyone gives ideas or suggestion for me to write the test plan.


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Deepak, Does your company have any format in writing it. Generally we do have specific formats defined by ISO or CMMI to follow. If you have any of those need to follow the same or if you does not have any of those i can provide you a sample of it.
Hi Shilpa,

Thank you.. I don't have any of those things. It will be helpful if u give me that sample.
I sent to your mail address provided as an attachment.
Ya i got.. Thank you frnd:-) And i have completed the work..

Can you please send me the test plan?


Hi Shilpa,

Can u send me the samples too my mail-id "swaruparani_suryavanshi@yahoo.co.in"

Thanks in advance
Hi Swarupa, I will forward that to you..
hi deepak ,

Could you send me the test plan samples to my mail-id "venukumarp@gmail.com"
Ya sure.. I will send u
Laso send me on my email address...


Deepak, pls attach the test plan sent by the shilpa. Because its better way to share knowledge and every one can get some idea on that... could u plssss attach it.

Hi Deepak,


Plesae send this to me as well lekhajain@gmail.com


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