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Test performence of web application without using automation tool

Can anybody tell me 'How to test performence of any web application without using load and stress automation tool.How to check response and throughput time.How to do it manually???

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 Mozilla Add-on Fire bug may help you do your job..!

thanx but can u plz tell me steps how to get and use it?
Hi samrat,

How to use fire bug..?, Can u explain clearly


 Nitin and Venkata,

    Up to some extent Fire-Bug can help you...  okay.. simply download the Add-on from official website of Mozilla, then install it and after Installation :-


Open the Website to be tested  using Mozilla , on the extreme right corner ( Top ) You would find Firebug icon Click on that, it will open the tool in the bottom of the page .. Now go to "Net" tab of the tool .. after clicking on "Net".  now You need to call the page ( if you have already opened the website then simply Press Control + f5 to hard refresh the page ) ..  Now in the same tab ( Net ) You can see details of the pages called..( URLs) , total number of requests sent from Browser, Status of the pages , Domain , size of the page as well as Time line. it will show  page load time per page as well as on the whole too...  


Once again I am telling you that its not the ideal way rather its an alternative ... but it works ..  even it helps me in detecting web standards has been followed by the development team or not...


Hope its clear now...




Hello, Samrat..


Thank you for this firebug, its really useful.

I want to learn bugzilla, if you can say.from where do is start?





 Nilam ,

 WC...   ...  Bugzilla is simply a bug reporting/ Defect tracking tool (open source ), I don't use it  as we have our own Reporting tool...   but it can be mastered in a couple of days only..   for now you can read the the basics at below  url :-






Thanks, Samrat

for ur prompt reply..i have gone through Fire bug..there is one functionality to add new issues by login your gmail id: http://code.google.com/p/fbug/ this is the url, if you know that: how can i create new issue or defect for my testing site?







        the Url you found is something else ...... there you cant report your issues.. in fact that is for all those who find issues in Google's product...  one can report it and the team Google will act on the reported issues.........   anyway  .. I was talking about Fire-bug add on for Mozilla firefox  browser .. however, the same tool is also available for Google Chrome browser but I use Mozilla Firebug....... 

Thank you, now i m clear abt my doubt. And, thank you for bugzilla url..its really good.

Hi nilam




This is online version which mimics like real bugzilla here u can learn by posting some bugs 

Hello Ramarao,


Thank you...

First I want to point out that performance testing requires a set up of the environment under normal load on the system to give a realistic performance readings.   Your application may perform very fast with just one user and the database is empty, which will be drastically different from the performance under normal number of users using the system with database populated with reasonable amount of data.


Performance testing can be done without automation tool and you can do this by embedding some instrumentation in your application.  I've done just that in the past for a project which we did not want to pay for the commercial load testing tools.  I would not recommend this for any projects that are actively undergoing enhancements and changes as keeping those instrumentation codes working with all the changes to the application requires a lot of work.


You can certainly use some web tools like Firebug that captures web page response time, but the problem is that most of today's web applications employ ajax heavily which would require tester to have an intimate knowledge of how web app is designed/coded to add up different ajax calls together to calculate the performance response time from an user's perspective.  It's not scaleable and in most cases inpractical for most of the projects, but it's certainly something you can consider if you feel your tester is up to the challenge.   

Ideally you will want to leverage your functional /regression testing automation for your performance testing.  Some test automation tools allow you to use the functional/regression testing automation suite to create a production load on the system and automatically takes the performance measurements.  If you are interested in such tool, check out TestOptimal.



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