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can anybody explain what are test measurements??

use of traceability matrix for a tester??

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Test measurements are a means of calculating the metrics. There are lot of them PFA doc...


Is usefull to trace backward or forward,
1) Requirement
2) Test Case
3) Defect

Is helpful in drafting,
1) Metrics,
2) Estimations,
3) Defect Density,
4) Defect Tracking and reporting,
5) Coverage,
6) Root Cause analysis
7) Impact Analysis,
8) Escape Analysis,
9) Project constraints tracking

PDF attached...
plz explain traceability matrix in detail??
Hi Bhavana,

Tried to explain Traceability Matrix:

It is a document which helps Test/Development Managers to gain the confidence about the testing coverage. Using this matrix we can trace all the requirements with the lower entities such as Test Scenarios and Test cases. And this is not just saying – we can map Business Requirements with the Functional requirements followed by Test Scenarios and Test Cases which can be again mapped with the defect.
BR <--> FR <--> Test Scenario <--> TestCase <-->Defect
Some benefits:
- Less Defect Leakage
- Best coverage of the requirements in the Test cases
- Ensures that developers are not creating some features which is not at all in the requirement
- Best tracking of the changes in the requirements
- There may a case when extra functionality is delivered to the customer which was not specified in the requirements.

The best thing – if you know any off these BR, FR, TestScenario, Test Case or Defect, you can always trace other related items.
Siddiq, thanks for providing pdfs.
Hi Siddiq ,

Its very helpful for freshers as well as experience guys .. both PDF is very good knowledge based on test metrics ..

Please if U have traceability matrix in Excel format then share it over here ...

thanks a lot for providing good PDF .. keep it up ....

--Mahesh Dhule


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