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Kindly share the test ideas for installation testing..

These are my ideas:
1. First install the application once and check if the installation is completed and the app is running
2. While installing , cancel the installation and check none of the files related to the app are installed.
3. While un-installing , cancel the process and check the application is still there and is working
4. Un-install the application and check if all the files related to the application is deleted.
5. Open the application and try to un-install
6. try to install multiple times

Any more ?

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Thanks !! Should have searched for the same topic in here and then posted :(

1. install 32 bit version of app on 64 bit OS and check whether proper error / warning is available or not
2. try to install application through CD drive, through rpms (available at remote location and access it through ftp / NFS)
3. if app is already installed, try to install it again (from another source). It should give proper message - "Already installed"
4. install, un-install app for multiple times
1- if its a demo version trial version check for the trial version expiry.
2- Check for the Registry and the DLL created.
3- Testing of installation package. Installation at different drives, Multiple installations.
4- Some installation requires Windows Installer, framework 3.0, or Runtime Java. etc then test for this too that it may not crash.
1) We Can try installing the application from Shared drive, mapped Network drive and remote machine
2) While installing, Cancel the installation by clicking the cancel button, Message box should be displayed asking for confirmation.
3) Continuing the 3rd one, On clicking no button, installation process should be resumed.
4) Repeat this multiple times
i would like to add some points about this installation testing
1) we need to check the in which OS our application installing.
2) whether our application is platform dependent or independent.
3) we should consider about hardware requirement like, Memroy how much it is using and RAm how much it is using and we should see the performance of the CPU
4) in which condition our application working good, and giving good results.

5) system 32 bit or 64 bit check it out.
6)all supporting drivers are installed or not in the system for our application.

correct me if i am wrong thanks friends

Here is the mind-map on installation testing,


And also uninstallation testing http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps/Uninstallation-Testing


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