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Hi everybody, any one has used Test Complete Tool for functional, performance and GUI Testing ? I am working on web application and using Test complete Tool . if any body know how to create Login page Test complete Tool script then mail me with example.
Hitesh shah

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I used to work with Test complete five months ago. I liked it. Inteli sense isn't working very well. For a login page test you can just record and keyword script. Its simple just record your steps. You can do a data driven test after that and read from external files for more exhaustive testing. You can also record a script with the tool. It generates script also but it is bit confusing. My opinion is - you better build the script from scratch. Recording is kind of time wasting.
Nothing serious cant happen with just recording. Recorder scripts are hard to change in the future. Otherwise tool is good for the price. Its probably the cheapest one you can buy. For example QTP is 30 times more expensive. If you need help building the script i could help a little if you post some part of it.
Yes , this is functional test tool like QTP.
Thanks for reply , I am recording login page and working fine but when i am going to change in script like user name changing then showing error. I have one scenario also -
I want to validate username text box upto 10 character (not more then 10 character accept ), then how i prepare script for this ?
I want to check this kind of scenario also on password text box . if you know then Pl send me script for this (which can run on Test complete tool).
Hey, I am very sorry for the late response. Its been ages i had visited back this site.

BTW, did u get the solution for the question you raised?


Still I am waiting for reply and solution .
Hi Hitesh,
For this type of validation you have to write the script with your own logic like
take the entered password in variable
a= "testpassword"
count the characters of a variable for this function like : c = count(a)
then give the if loop like if (c>10) then show the msg "Invalid passoword".



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