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Is any one working in test complete.. Please respond.........

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I've been doing work with TestComplete 10 Mobile and Web. 

Hi greg, manual testing and test complete , which one is easy to work

TestComplete is really easy if you're doing keyword driven testing. I was a manual tester and I got to use TestCompelte (since I work for SmartBear) and I found it really easy to pick up. SmartBear has a bunch of material to get you up and running too.

I'm not sure what you mean by manual testing and TestCompelte. TestComplete is an automated testing tool. 

Thankyou for ur valuable suggestion I was working as a manual tester looking to move with Test complete

Hi Greg Mooney, Do you have some tutorial to start. It would be great if you can share it on vishal.deshpande2007@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance


SmartBear has plenty of tutorials here -


Also, I would suggest reading the eBooks. They have a lot of high level and guidance in using TestComplete. 

Functional Testing


Cross Browser Testing


Mobile Testing


You can get a full list of eBooks here - 


TestComplete is real easy. I was looking inot it for UI testing needs. Here's my review I sahred based on my use - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/review-modern-test-automation-prasha...


TTWT Magazine





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