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What is Test Closure? please give me example with template and How much useful for agile methodology Testing?

What is Test Closure? please give me example with template and How much useful for agile methodology Testing?

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Test closure is subset of STLC. Test colusre is common for all the methodologies but not only for agile.

In test clousre phase, We are formally closing the testing activity by doing the folowing:

Once we got the sign off from project and customer team, we need to collect all the testing deliverable (such us test plan, test conditions and Test results) and stored it in idntiifed project closure locations. Latter we need to mention the path of the location in test closure document.

We need to identify all the open and closed defects and document it.

We need to colllect the data's related to test schedules and its variance and deviations, testing metrics (Productivity, Defects, etc.,).

We need to collect all the lesson learned including risks and mitigation actions.

All the above need to be doumented using one template.Template would be vary to vary based on the organization.

Thanks Dharmaraj... I got the answer. Kinldy send me Test Closure document template in my email id (dheeraj.khobragade@gmail.com). thank you

Test Closure Document is the note prepared before u formally completes the testing process. This note contains the numbers of testcases executed, no. of defects found, Defect density, Slippage ratio, consolidated test result report etc. are included. In simple, its the report on what u did during the testing process.


Test Closure:

This a document which gives the informations about the testing status before completing the testing process.

This document consists of:

1)Total no of test cases

2)Total no of bugs found

3)Total no of bugs fixed

4)Total no of bugs not fixed

5)Total no of bugs rejected

6)Total no of bugs postponed etc..



Thanks got it... Please send me test closure document template. :)

Final status of the Testing the application. Google 


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